GenesisIII Adventures

GenesisIII Adventures

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Realizing the dream

 From Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas

 We left Ensenada on October 19 for our journey south to La Paz.  We got a good weather window with no treat of storms for the next week or so.  Wind was light and seas were rolling somewhat. Wind was NW 10-15 knots, good sailing, averaged 6 kts of speed.  Anchored at Punta Colnett at 1800 hrs. No other boats in sight.  Early rise on Oct 20 for our next leg. Paul started the engine and went to retrieve the anchor. I was making coffee and smelled smoke!! Shut off the engine. Inspection revealed the starter was burned out!! Got in the dinghey and went set
out for land.  There were several fishermen on the shore and they guided us to a landing spot. Huge swells and we got a soaking.  The guys were very helpful, in spite of the language barrier, they arranged a trip to town(20 miles on dirt road). Driver took us to a local generator shop and within an hour the starter was rebuilt with new parts. Very reasonable price! We filled his truck with gas and headed back.
Installed the starter and everything worked fine. Have to wait for morning now to set out. Another sailboat anchored here tonight (Double
Darling). Chatted on VHF.
Oct 21 headed to Bahia Del Rosario. Very bad anchorage, rocked and rolled all night.
Oct 22 headed to Punta Bluff, good sailing, winds gusting to 25 kts. Not a great anchorage.
Oct 23 arrived Isla Cedros at 1400. Anchored next to a small fishing village. Bad, bad anchorage. Rocked and rolled all night.
Oct 24, high winds and rolling seas. Decided to move further south along the Island. Anchored north of the breakwater at Cedros Village. Internet working here so all set for the day!!
Oct 25 on to Turtle Bay. Need to refuel here. Panga brought fuel to the boat and also filled our jerry cans. Went ashore to the local cafe and had a beer. A local guy took us on a little walking tour of the town.
Not much conversation, he only spoke Spanish!!
Oct 26 Bahai Asuncion. Beautiful day, hot sun. Saw whales in the
distance. Also lots of seals. No dolphins today.
Oct 27 Punta Abreojos.  Light southerly winds, motored all day. Lots of  lobster traps and holding tanks here. We didnt go ashore. Quite anchorage. No other cruisers.
Oct 28 Bahai San Juanico. Perfect day, sunny and hot. No seas, great sailing winds. Long day, no internet or cell service here.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ensenada, Mexico

Cruiseport Village Marina

We did it!!!!

Good friends Stayko & Isabelle
 San Diego!
Street vendors
Cruiseship in port
Every pharmacy will sell this over the counter!!


Fish Market

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Southern California

Santa Monica
Entering San Diego
Dana Point CA
Morro Rock, Morro Bay
We spent two days/nights on the hook in San Luis Obispo Bay waiting for a good weather window to go around Point Conception.  We left here at 2200 on Sept 2.  We talked to other sailors along our route and everyone advised that the best time to go around that point is right at daybreak.  Looks like this has to be our first night time sailing!  It was overcast with some fog when we set out, light winds 10-15 kts and 4-5' swell.  It was a little eerie sailing in the dark.  We had our radar set and kept a watchful eye for other boats.  The moon decided to give us a brighter perspective and shone in all its glory at about 0400.  We passed numerous oil production platforms and they were well lit, like miniature cities in the middle of the ocean.
Santa Monica
Dana Point CA
We were right on target, and rounded the dreaded Point Conception(known as the Cape Horn of the Pacific) at 0600 just as the day was breaking! The crossing was uneventful and the wind and waves were much in our favour. Phew that was a blessing and we were happy to be over that hurdle.
San Diego

A unique light fixture

Wishing Leah could see all
the candy!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

San Francisco

Arrived San Francisco at 1500 hrs on Aug 21, 2012.  It was pretty exciting to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and a great feeling of accomplishment when we sailed underneath it. It was an overcast or smog filled afternoon.  There were lots of sailboats in the Bay area and we were approached by coast guard boats gesturing and pointing and holding up STOP sign.  A little intimidating to say the least.  When we came to realize what was happening, the American Cup was on and we were in the wrong sailing lane!! OOPS.  We moved over hastily and everyone was happy!
We did a video of going under the bridge and I will try to add it here. Not much of a techie person but still learning and enjoying the process!

We enjoyed three days and nights here and wished we could have stayed longer.  We visited Pier 39 and took a double decker tour bus around downtown area. Also visited the infamous Haight and Ashbury street. Still a few hippies around but unfortunately we forgot our camera on this day :(
We tried to book a tour to Alcatraz but they were all booked for two months in advance.

San Fran
Derek came with us as far as San Francisco and as far as we know, he is still on Alcatraz!!

City Hall

Sailing under the bridge
Golden Gate Bridge